Help us fund the mixing, mastering, artwork, and manufacturing of our third full-length album, entitled Truth in Legend by visiting our IndieGoGo campaign here.

Truth in Legend will be BURNING SHADOWS’s third full length album, following the 2012 concept album, Gather, Darkness!, which was based on Fritz Leiber’s classic dystopian novel. We are intent on delivering Truth in Legend to our fans with the stellar production they deserve. Your contribution will ensure the album is as good as it can be from production to artwork to bonus content.

Here is what we have planned and still need to pay for to get this album released:

  • Mixing by Kyle Paradis, who mixed Gather, Darkness!
  • Mastering, hopefully by Bill Wolf, who mastered Gather, Darkness!
  • Artwork by JP Fournier, who did the artwork for Gather, Darkness!, and has worked with AVANTASIA, IMMORTAL, and many more amazing bands.
  • Manufacturing the CD release, including a full color, 16 page booklet.
  • Rights to release a cover to be included on the CD version.

Everyone who contributes to the campaign (minimum of $10) will receive Truth in Legend. We have many additional perks available which include a lot of exclusive bonus content, both digital and physical.

Chief among the perks is a bonus EP only available to our campaign contributors. When we created The Last One of Fall EP in 2013, the recording session involved 18 tracks, including many BURNING SHADOWS tracks as well as covers of ICED EARTH, HAMMERFALL, MANOWAR, and BLIND GUARDIAN songs. Two levels of the exclusive EP are available. The standard version of the exlusive EP is comprised of BURNING SHADOWS songs, including some Into the Primordial-era tracks now with Tom’s vocals, and some early versions of tracks from Truth in Legend. The deluxe version of the EP will include all the covers.

Any leftover funds will go towards creating Truth in Legend-related merchandise, promoting the album, and/or reissuing our three sold out EPs, including 2002’s The Darkest Winter, 2003’s Amongst the Dying Waves, and 2010’s Oathbreaker. Naturally if we are able to rerelease these EPs, we will offer them first to our Truth in Legend campaign contributors at a deeply discounted price if not free.