Burning Shadows 2015. L to R: C. Dagenhart, G. Jones, T. Regan, T. Davy, D. Spencer

Current Line-Up

Tom Davy: Lead Vocals (2010-)
Tim Regan
 Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2000-)
Christopher Malerich: Lead Guitars (2015-)
David Spencer: Drums (2005-2006, 2008-2009, 2010-)

Past Members

Burning Shadows 2013. L to R: G. Jones, T. Davy, D. Spencer, T. Regan

Greg Jones: Lead Guitar, Vocals (2000-2015), Lead Vocals (2003-2009)
Brian Knesel
: Lead Vocals, Bass (2000-2003)
Vincent Vinh:
Drums (2000-2003)
Trevor von Deathcrush:
Drums (2004-2005)
Matt Ibach: Bass (2004-2007), Rhythm Guitar (live, 2011-2012)
Alex Rudinger:
Drums (2006-2008)
Torin Blatt
Drums (2009-2010)
Chris Dagenhart: Bass (2012-2013, 2014-2015)
Aaron El-Zeftawy: Bass (2007-2010, 2013-2014)


Formed in 2000, US power metal band BURNING SHADOWS brings to life haunting tales of the classic writers such as HP Lovecraft and Fritz Lieber, as well as other stories ranging from mythology to fantasy to history. Heavily influenced by the stalwart vanguards of the genre such as ICED EARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN, and PRIMAL FEAR, the band’s passion burns with an intensity that is increasingly hard to find in the scene today.

Original/Alternate Burning Shadows Logo

Original Burning Shadows logo

Building on the success of their two self-release EPs, The Darkest Winter (2002) and Amongst the Dying Waves (2005), BURNING SHADOWS independently unleashed their long-overdue first full-length album, Into the Primordial, in April 2008. In 2010, the band offered to its fans the Oathbreaker EP, the first release featuring lead vocalist Tom Davy, free of charge on The 5-track release features 4 songs from Into the Primordial with Tom’s vocals and 1 new track, “Oathbreaker,” with drums performed by ex-DragonHeart drummer Peter Hunt. Those who claimed Into the Primordial was “too epic” have been verily dispatched by Tom’s performance on the Oathbreaker EP.

When not conquering the ears of fans worldwide via MP3 players and CDs, BURNING SHADOWS prefers to deal the destruction in person. The band has shared the stage with bands such as Testament, Overkill, Sonata Arctica, Therion, Primal Fear, Twisted Tower Dire, and more. Recent festival appearances by the band include Ohio’s Warriors of Metal Fest VII, Georgia’s PathFinder MetalFest V, New Jersey’s Iron & Steel Fest, and Maryland’s Defenders of the Old Fest.

In 2012, BURNING SHADOWS released their second full-length album, Gather, Darkness! It is a colossal concept album based on the Fritz Leiber novel of the same name. It features artwork by JP Fournier, who previously worked with bands such as DragonForce, Avantasia, and Immortal.

The band is currently forging the newest album, entitled Truth in Legend. JP Fournier has been tapped again to create artwork that reflects the power of the music.