Amongst the Dying Waves (2005)


Amongst the Dying Waves Lineup

Tim Regan: Guitar, Vocals
Greg Jones: Lead Guitar
Brian Knesel: Bass, Lead Vocals
Vincent Vinh: Drums


  1. Haunter of the Dark
  2. Supernatural Warfare
  3. Sarnath


“Amongst The Dying Waves EP” recorded throughout March 2003 at The ChickenCoop Studios in Fulton, MD.

Engineered & mixed by Scotty O’Toole.

“Haunter of the Dark” based on the HP Lovecraft short story of the same title;
“Sarnath” based on “The Doom That Came To Sarnath” also by HP Lovecraft.

Italicized lyrics in “Haunter of the Dark” from “Nemesis” by HP Lovecraft.

Additional percussion in “Haunter of the Dark” by Vincent Vinh;
additional percussion in “Sarnath” by Tim Regan & Brian Knesel.