Into the Primordial (2008)

Into the Primordial Cover

Into The Primordial Lineup

Tim Regan: Guitar, Vocals
Greg Jones: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Aaron El-Zeftawy: Bass, Vocals
Dave Spencer: Drums, Vocals
Alex Rudinger: Drums (Bonus Tracks)


  1. Second Son
  2. Haunter of the Dark
  3. Into the Primordial
  4. Wings Over Asgård
  5. Supernatural Warfare
  6. Evenfall
  7. New Dawn Arise
  8. Sarnath
  9. Forest of the Dead (CD Bonus)
  10. Whisper Suffering (CD Bonus)


Into the Primordial was recorded July-September 2006 at RexRiot Recordings (Silver Spring, MD) and May-August 2007 in The Halls of Glory (Rockville, MD).
Bonus tracks recorded August-September 2007 in The Halls of Glory.
Drums on tracks 1-8 by Dave “Spencehammer” Spencer.
Drums on tracks 9-10 by Alex Rudinger.
Drums for bonus tracks recorded at Brutal Studios (Frederick, MD) August 2007.
Keyboards by Dave Spencer.
Additional vocals by Dave Spencer and Alex Rudinger.
Bass on “Haunter of the Dark,” “New Dawn Arise,” and “Forest of the Dead” interlude by Tim Regan.
Bass solo in “New Dawn Arise” by Aaron El-Zeftawy.
Additional bass by Matt Ibach.
All music written by Tim Regan, Greg Jones, and Burning Shadows except “Forest of the Dead” by Brian Knesel and Tim Regan.
All lyrics written by Greg Jones and Tim Regan except “Forest of the Dead” by Brian Knesel.
Engineered by RexRiot (RexRiot Recordings), Tim Regan (The Halls of Glory), Aaron El-Zeftawy & Greg Jones (Brutal Studios, Frederick, MD).
Artwork and layout by Andraes Johansson.

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