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The Oathbreaker EP features five songs: an exclusive release of the new tale, entitled “Oathbreaker,” and four completely remixed and remastered tracks from 2008’s Into the Primordial, each with new vocal performances and arrangements by Tom Davy. “Oathbreaker,” featuring session drums by former DragonHeart/DragonForce drummer Peter Hunt, recounts the legend of the Dead Men of Dunharrow, cursed to remain deathless for failing to uphold their word to fight alongside their brethren. The disc immediately then dives into familiar territory: the pounding “Second Son,” the epic “Supernatural Warfare,” the evil “Haunter of the Dark,” and dynamic “Whisper Suffering,” all important fixtures in the band’s history.

The disc was recorded at BURNING SHADOWS’ home studio, The Halls of Glory, with the exception of Peter Hunt’s drum tracks, which traveled across the world from Sydney, Australia to be on this release.